Caddie for Stockbrokers

Relevant CPD for wholesale and retail stockbrokers to meet their regulatory obligations

Caddie CPD Flexible Training Plans
Caddie CPD for financial planners

Caddie was designed to make CPD a breeze!

Whether you are a wholesale stockbroker, retail stockbroker, or a Responsible Manager, Caddie is the hassle free CPD solution every financial professional deserves.

As an integrated entity of the Complii Fintech Solutions Software,  Caddie can help take your online compliance to the next level ~ to learn more about Complii’s retail compliance system get in touch with us here


For Retail (FASEA) and Wholesale Stockbrokers

  • Access over 200 hours of relevant stockbroking CPD content from leading industry publishers including Mintegrity, Deakin University, Digital Finance Analytics and more.
  • Learn the way that suits you, with content ranging from 10min - 2hrs choose from articles, podcasts, videos, webinars and events.
  • Easily add CPD that you’ve completed outside of Caddie and track this towards your overall training progress.
cpd for responsible managers

For Responsible Managers

  • Easily manage and track your team’s CPD progress while completing your own training requirements.
  • Gain full access to the FASEA CPD library, as well as our RG105 Responsible Manager library
  • Upload and administer internal training to your team and pull real time progress reports of activity completion.
compliance operation staff

For Compliance & Operations Staff

  • Manage your teams online learning with flexible training plans for both retail (FASEA) and wholesale stockbrokers, responsible managers and teams.
  • Upload and assign training material for your team, and allow our system to automate the follow up process for you.
  • Report on broker compliance with real time progress reports that can be downloaded in less than 3 clicks. Download via CSV or PDF for individual advisers, teams, or your entire business to help mitigate risks before they happen.

What makes Caddie different?

Learn CPD on the go with Caddie. 


Caddie Other CPD

An ever-evolving library of CPD content with new content added weekly

Fully integrated with Complii Compliance Automation Platform

Dedicated Stockbroking content library of articles, videos, podcasts and webinars

Edit and update training plans in seconds

Assign managers per team/business unit

Upload and assign tasks and publish own content to team members

Real time progress reports in less than three clicks

Book tickets to industry events and add externally completed CPD activities & events

Easy and intuitive onboarding: up and running in seconds

Import completed CPD activity CSV from other software painlessly.

No lock-in contracts

Complete CPD anywhere at anytime on a fully mobile responsive platform

Think CPD. Think Caddie.

Relevant Content & Events

Relevant Content & Events Over 200 hours of relevant CPD content & events to meet your CPD & FASEA obligations

Customised Training Plans

Effortlessly customise standard training plans by user, team and company.

Three Click Progress Reports

Access progress reports in less than three clicks and download or export these in PDF or CSV format

Learning you’ll love

Learning with Caddie makes it even easier to meet your CPD obligations. We add new content weekly from leading industry publishers and thought leaders you already know and love.

What our learners say

Helping thousands of financial professionals manage their CPD obligations every year.


Financial Adviser

“My experience with Caddie so far has been fantastic. The content is good with interesting articles that I’m actually interested in and the site is also easy to navigate. In short, it’s been a pleasure to use.”


Compliance Manager

“I’ve been using Caddie heaps over the last little while, I’ve done almost 10 CPD points and you know what? I actually enjoyed doing it. It’s easy to use and the content is so much better than what you find on other system and it brings it all to you. We will definitely keep using it as its far better than any of the alternatives.”


Principal Adviser

“I like it, easy to navigate and very straight forward, the content is interesting and relevant to what I do”


Training Manager

"The education material is very relevant, you are not just reading articles! The advisers found them interesting and I noted an increase on points completed, even the ability of me being able to acknowledge this change through the reporting in Caddie is a huge leap from our previous provider."


AFSL Holder

"As a licensee with multiple advisers needing different training plans I need a training delivery system that is easy to use for all of us. I think Caddie's innovative approach to delivering useful content while also tracking the myriad of CPD activities advisers undertake will revolutionise the way we meet our obligations."

CPD wherever you go

Caddie is completely mobile responsive, allowing you to learn and earn CPD on the go.


CPD wherever you go

Caddie is completely mobile responsive, allowing you to learn and earn CPD on the go.