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At Caddie, we are always on the lookout for talented professionals in the finance industry to contribute fresh, engaging and insightful content to advance our learners’ continuing professional development (CPD) journey.

Caddie CPD for financial planners
Caddie CPD for financial planners

Why join our team of content contributors?

Caddie welcomes finance professionals from around the world with extensive experience in their fields to impart their knowledge to our eager learners.

Make a difference in the world of finance by sharing impactful industry insights, best practices and relevant content to aid in our learners’ CPD pursuits.

Be part of a legion of talented finance professionals who can influence a community of finance practitioners who can be catalysts of change in the finance industry.

What do you stand to gain by becoming a content contributor?

Meet like-minded content contributors and engage in knowledge-sharing sessions

Network with key industry players at high-profile events

Become an influencer in your field and increase your credibility

Be instrumental in the professional development of many finance professionals

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About us

Caddie is a one-stop resource centre for professionals in the finance industry to equip themselves with more knowledge. Learning is a non-stop process, and that’s what Caddie aims to do—by facilitating our learners’ journey with an abundance of expertly crafted content, customisable training programs and insightful industry events!

Our learning resources have been specifically tailored to ensure that finance professionals with various expertise and purpose can reap maximum benefits in their professional development. Our contents cater to financial planners, stockbrokers and organisations.

What our learners say

Helping thousands of financial professionals manage their CPD obligations every year.


Financial Adviser

“My experience with Caddie so far has been fantastic. The content is good with interesting articles that I’m actually interested in and the site is also easy to navigate. In short, it’s been a pleasure to use.”


Compliance Manager

“I’ve been using Caddie heaps over the last little while, I’ve done almost 10 CPD points and you know what? I actually enjoyed doing it. It’s easy to use and the content is so much better than what you find on other system and it brings it all to you. We will definitely keep using it as its far better than any of the alternatives.”


Principal Adviser

“I like it, easy to navigate and very straight forward, the content is interesting and relevant to what I do”


Training Manager

"The education material is very relevant, you are not just reading articles! The advisers found them interesting and I noted an increase on points completed, even the ability of me being able to acknowledge this change through the reporting in Caddie is a huge leap from our previous provider."


AFSL Holder

"As a licensee with multiple advisers needing different training plans I need a training delivery system that is easy to use for all of us. I think Caddie's innovative approach to delivering useful content while also tracking the myriad of CPD activities advisers undertake will revolutionise the way we meet our obligations."



Generally speaking, we prefer our content contributors to:

  • Have at least 5 years of experience in financial writing, with a demonstrated understanding of up-to-date industry trends and practices.
  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge of particular finance-related topics you intend to present
  • Provide proof of compelling content which has been fact-checked, verified, and is reader-friendly (recent publications would be ideal, though not mandatory)


You can contribute by producing articles, videos, podcasts, webinar presentations or speaking engagements at events.

  • Financial planners
    Over 200 hours of relevant CPD content to meet FASEA’s legislated CPD requirements, with new content added weekly,
  • Stockbrokers
    A dedicated library of relevant Securities content for both wholesale advisers, retail advisers (FASEA) and responsible managers (RG105).
  • Organisations
    A suite of content to help distribution teams, general advice staff, paraplanners, mortgage brokers and more meet their CPD compliance requirements.