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We’re on a mission to transform a broken system

In the world of ongoing learning and professional development, there are challenges to overcome at every turn.

For individuals, arranging time out of an existing schedule and meeting demanding professional obligations can be arduous.

For organisations, providing meaningful educational content and staying on top of employee or member compliance is a headache.

The irony is that the vast majority of professionals actually enjoy expanding their knowledge and understand that further training improves their employability, while organisations want to be home to happy, compliant staff. So, the will is there.

Now, Caddie provides the way.

Flexible and accessible, Caddie meets the ever-growing training and compliance needs of people and organisations in a centralised, cloud-based professional development hub.

Most importantly, Caddie is a breeze to use. We aim to integrate the best training content for individuals with oversight tools for organisations and dealer groups, to remove much of the administrative burden and crosschecking normally associated with professional development.

Caddie removes barriers, providing a platform that actually encourages engagement with professional development. In the process, we are liberating learning and helping create a better skilled and more compliant workforce.

CPD wherever you go

Caddie is completely mobile responsive, allowing you to learn and earn CPD on the go.